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Gamecock games invade Steam

Velvet Assassin, Legendary to feature.

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Gamecock is the latest publisher to sign up for Steam and offer its creations for digital distribution.

Its first batch of games will include Stronghold Crusader Extreme for USD 29.99, and Insecticide Part 1 for USD 14.99.

Stronghold Crusader Extreme is a stopgap instalment in the popular RTS series where you trot around on horses and poke people with lances and drink from tankards and eat whole pheasants. You can find some real words about it in our recent hands-on with the game.

Insecticide, on the other hand, is a film noir-inspired affair set in world where bugs have evolved to become the dominant species. You fill the heels of Chrys Liszt as she untangles a web of destruction and does a bit of shooting and car chasing.

This deal also promises that upcoming titles from Gamecock will sprout up on Steam. Excitingly, one of those will be stealthy action outing Velvet Assassin from Replay Studios, which is made up of lots of ex-IO Interactive (Hitman) staff.

Legendary, by Spark Unlimited of Turning Point: Fall of Liberty shame, will also appear.

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