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Codemasters' Leipzig line-up

Turning Point, Jericho demos.

Codemasters has revealed its line-up of games for the Leipzig Games Convention 2007.

Spooky first-person shooter Jericho will be there in playable form, as will WWII alternative-history shooter Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. We were lucky enough to give them both a good going over last month.

Pop over to our Turning Point or Jericho impressions to find out more. You might also want to pop your head round the Eurogamer TV door for the latest Turning Point trailer.

Codemasters will also be showing Colin McRae: DiRT on the PS3, alongside the unveiling of new downloadable content for Overlord, which looks set to let you play in split-screen.

The Online Gaming section will be dominated by The Lord of the Rings Online and new update Book 10: The City of the Kings, joined by fresh signing Fury for a first European look.

Keep your eyes on our Games Convention 2007 page for all of our comprehensive coverage.