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Haze coming out this May

To PlayStation 3, at least.

Ubisoft has announced that first-person shooter Haze will be released on PlayStation 3 this May.

Haze was supposed to be out last year, you may recall, but it turns out Free Radical needed a bit more time to work on it.

The game is currently a PS3 exclusive, but Ubisoft has not ruled out suggestions it could appear on PC and/or Xbox 360 in the future.

Perhaps in 2048, which is when Haze is set. You play as Shane Carpenter, no relation to Karen or Richard, a newly enlisted soldier armed with all sorts of cutting edge equipment. You also get Nectar, a performance-enhancing drug that boosts your fighting power and gives you special abilities plus a five pound Sainsbury's voucher every 30 years.

For all manner of previews and screenshots visit the Haze gamepage. There's also a brand new trailer just gone up today, so take a look.

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