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US Lost Planet PS3 demo back up

Found. Or something.

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Capcom has popped the Lost Planet PS3 demo back on the US PlayStation Network.

It was taken down because players were having trouble connecting to lobbies online, which makes testing the multiplayer side of things a trifle difficult.

But that should all be fixed now, and those of you who have mastered the art of pretending you are American can give it a whirl. We're waiting to hear back from Capcom about its European demo plans.

Lost Planet PS3 is due out on 29th February, which is over year later than its original launch on Xbox 360.

Still, it has had some patches and multiplayer maps added to it since then, and Capcom is rewarding you with new playable character Luka for your patience. She is a show pirate with a lovely face.

Look at her, and other Lost Planet things, in our gamepage.

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