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Lost Planet 2 to have four-player co-op

Plus customisable heroes to stand out.

Capcom has said Lost Planet 2 will feature full campaign co-op support for up-to four people.

The Lost Planet 2 reveal trailer hinted at this yesterday; we saw one player deploy an expanding cover shield, which allowed two uniquely-outfitted helpers to fire rockets and supporting rounds from safety.

The sequel's story is spun 10-years after the adventures of Wayne in Lost Planet 1, and so lots has changed: vast slabs of ice have melted, and given way to vibrant jungles and other environments.

Players will make their own heroes this time, too - not settle for some silky-haired pouter. However, we're not sure what sort of customisation options there will be, nor whether they will affect abilities.

Grappling will return, and Capcom has some extra actions to spring on us at a later date. Also, the ranks of the alien and insect-like Akrid army have expanded.

There's no word on VS (Vital Suit) mechs, but they feature in the video and so are presumably as destructive and consumptive of T-ENG fuel as in the original game. Multiplayer versus modes are also kept under wraps.

We're also none-the-wiser as to platforms and dates. We expect Capcom will stay multiplatform and gun for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. (UPDATE: It's worth mentioning the latest press release only states that Lost Planet 2 is in development for 360, so it could well be a platform exclusive - but Capcom has yet to confirm.)

Capcom does promise that fan feedback has been heavily taken onboard. We know Lost Planet 2 will be the publisher's first title to use MT Framework 2 technology, too.

We're quite excited; Lost Planet 1 was often spectacular when devastating mechs took on swarms of Akrid or screen-filling bosses. Bit it all turned out to be a bit skin-deep, as the plot turned cheesy, combat plateaued and climactic encounters resorted to by-the-book weak-spots.

Worth a bash, though, as our Lost Planet: Extreme Condition review points out.

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