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PS3 Lost Planet gets exclusive character

Capcom gives you Luka. She is nice.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Capcom has confirmed to Eurogamer that Lost Planet on PS3 will feature Luka as an exclusive playable character.

She is a snow pirate that original and moody protagonist Wayne bumps into. Both have very nice hair; living in a frozen and hostile wasteland must be easier than it looks.

Also in the PS3 version are all the maps and patches accrued by the 360 version in its two years on sale, 16-player PSN battles, plus all the new characters introduced by the recent PC offering.

Otherwise little else has changed, and Capcom Japan appears to be taking its time on the port.

Lost Planet arrived in early 2006 on 360 and scored an admirable 7/10, a number that tumbled down to 5 for the later PC offering.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition will be out on PS3 on 29th February.

Pop over to our Lost Planet gamepage for some still and moving pictures to point at.

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