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David Hayter talks Lost Planet film

Voice of Snake to write screenplay?

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David Hayter, the man who provides the voice for Solid Snake, has been chatting about his role in the forthcoming Lost Planet movie.

The film hasn't officially been announced by Capcom, but according to IGN Hayter is already in talks to write the screenplay.

Speaking at Anime Expo 2008 he said, "It's not entirely confirmed yet, but we are just closing the deal with Warner Bros. for me to adapt Lost Planet."

Hayter wouldn't say much else about the project but he did tell the audience, "When they gave me Lost Planet to play to see if I wanted to write the movie, I looked at the environments, I looked at the vital suits, the armor, the creatures, and watched the story.

"While I couldn't take those scenes and put them up verbatim, I can appreciate the core of the story and what it is about the character's journeys that grab people."

It won't be Hayter's first experience of writing for the big screen - he's previously penned dialogue for the first two X-Men movies and The Scorpion King. Rumour has it he's written a script for the Metal Gear Solid film, too.

Rumours are flying that Capcom will announce the Lost Planet film at E3, so maybe we'll know more next week.

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