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Lost Planet PS3 demo this week - Capcom

No comment on installation worries.

Capcom has told us that the European Lost Planet PS3 demo will be out this Thursday.

That means you can get a taste for bungling around in the snow in giant robot suits while you blow chunks in enormous insects and naughty baddies with guns.

You can also enjoy a spot of it in online multiplayer battles for up to eight of you, although the full version will feature 16-player matches.

This was the same demo the US was given a couple of weeks ago - the one that was pulled down due to a few technical hiccups. Thankfully none of those should be apparent here.

Lost Planet PS3 will be out at the end of next week, and brings with it a new playable character in lovely Luka, as well as all the various patches that have been applied to the Xbox 360 version.

Capcom offered no comment on if it will need a lengthy installation like Devil May Cry 4, though, but given the outcry that caused we would be surprised if it did.

Head over to our Lost Planet Xbox 360 review for an idea of what to expect.

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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

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