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Nintendo blames SSBB problems on dirt

Offers to clean Japanese Wiis for free.

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Nintendo Japan has offered to clean Wiis free of charge following reports of problems playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl discs.

In a statement (translated by IGN), Nintendo confirmed there have been complaints of choppiness during video playback. Some gamers say their Wiis won't play the disc at all.

Nintendo reckons the problems are caused by a build-up of dust and tobacco on the laser units. Unlike other titles, SSBB comes on a dual-layer DVD which is more sensitive to dirt. That's why the consoles in question will play other games without any problems.

The solution is to clean the lens. Nintendo will do this for free if Wii owners send their console, warranty card and SSBB disc to a service centre. They'll even pay the postage, and Wiis are returned within a week.

The offer is only good in Japan, on account of SSBB not being out in the US until 9th March and not out here until goodness knows when.

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