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Music downloads should work in games

More of Masaya Matsuura's theories.

Record companies will "very soon" start releasing new music in a format that allows users to play with it in games like Rock Band as well as just listen to it.

That's according to Major Minor's Majestic March developer Masaya Matsuura, of NanaOn-Sha, who told our sister site GamesIndustry.biz, "Maybe soon CDs will be gone."

"No one will buy CDs. Everybody will buy the data for the audio by using iPod or something like that.

"If you download the track, certainly you can play the game with this track, but you can also choose the game - so I will choose Musika from NanaOn-Sha or Rock Band from Harmonix, for example.

"This will be very soon, I think," he added.

Obviously he was speaking hypothetically, but it's an interesting idea. He also floated the idea of a special scheme whereby you can buy access to a single song in-game by watching adverts.

Matsuura was speaking at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas (alright for some), where previously he's said that he hopes to see content besides just licensed music in Western music games.

Check in at GamesIndustry.biz for the full interview.

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