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Over 90 servers for Frontlines launch

360's first 50-player map detailed.

THQ has lined up over 90 dedicated Xbox 360 servers for Frontlines: Fuel of War's launch in Europe and the USA, which launches here on 29th February.

The publisher has also confirmed what developer Kaos Studios said the other week - that the game will support over 50 players on 360.

The first map to do so will be Village, which begins as a close-quarters fight through small buildings before graduating into an open battlefield as said buildings are blown apart by the battle.

THQ says that other maps will be opened up for 50-player combat once demand has reached a point where additional dedicated servers need to be brought online, which seems sensible.

And for PC players wondering where they are in all this, THQ points out that the PC version has 64-player support.

Frontlines: Fuel of War has been developed by Kaos Studios - whose staff have previously worked on the popular Battlefield: Desert Combat mod, among other things - and is available to sample on Xbox Live thanks to a multiplayer demo.

Look out for our review of Frontlines very soon.