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Age of Conan uncensored in UK, US

Nipples but no severed heads for Germany.

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Age of Conan will feature full gore and "breasts with nipples" when it is released in the UK and US later this year.

Funcom originally said the game would bear an M for Mature badge in North America, but later corrected itself after an uncensored version was submitted and came away with a Mature 17+ stamp.

The developer apologised for "maybe two small errors".

However, the German version will differ from the rest of Europe and have to make do without decapitations, dismemberment and "over-the-top type fatalities".

Age of Conan carries an 18+ rating in the UK because it's mature and gory and about as subtle as Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's an MMORPG but focuses on an active combat system and player versus player battles, making it a hard to prospect to resist.

And, according to Funcom, around 500,000 of you have already felt the attraction by joining the ever growing community. That number includes beta sign-ups, forum members and probably hairy barbarian groupies.

The PC version is due to arrive on 20th May, with an Xbox 360 version announced but languishing in the "to follow" category.

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