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LEGO Indy Jones has four-player co-op

Out in US in June.

LucasArts has revealed that LEGO Indiana Jones will be released for all seven platforms in the US on 3rd June.

Confirmation came from a recent demonstration of the title, accompanied by word it will support four-player co-operative play. This is said to only be in the console versions, so assume PS3, 360, Wii and PS2 for now. We would expect the PC offering to have it, too.

It's also unclear whether you will be able to do this online, but you should never need more than two players to complete the puzzles anyway. And if you have no friends then the computer plays the second character for you, remember.

These puzzles, alongside other adventure elements, should make up more of the game than in Star Wars too, although there will be plenty of brawls as well.

Other details reassure us the plot from Raiders of the Lost Ark is still fully intact, after we worried about there being no Nazis in it. It is Indiana Jones without swastikas, that's all.

Otherwise everything is as you might expect, with Barnett College (where Indiana Jones teaches) providing the hub area that you access the 18 levels from - six for each of the three films.

Interestingly there is no mention of the new film being replicated here, even though it launches a week before the game.

The Wii version should differ from the others with its motion-sensing controls, which are said to be similar to those in the Star Wars outing.

Elsewhere the whip is described as being useful for getting to places as well as for whipping baddies, and you will be able to control the monkey in the DS version while inflating things by blowing into the microphone.

It's also probably worth mentioning that Traveller's Tales has its LEGO Star Wars team working on this, which is different to the bunch tackling LEGO Batman.

All this talk of Indiana Jones and Star Wars takes us back to Skywalker Ranch, which was the focus of the most recent Eurogamer TV Show. Oh, you haven't seen it? You probably should: not many people get to go there and learn what we did.

We'll let you know when Activision gets back to us with a European date for LEGO Indiana Jones.

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LEGO Indiana Jones

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