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LEGO Indiana Jones demo on Live

Call it a rope.

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Some combination of Activision, LucasArts, Traveller's Tales and Microsoft have plonked a demo of LEGO Indiana Jones on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Which is a bit odd, because Activision told us just last month that there wouldn't be!

Released earlier this month to general acclaim, LEGO Jones explores the original three films in the same way the LEGO Star Wars games caricatured their inspiration.

Also like LSW, LEGO Jones adapts key elements of the film for its LEGO-tinged gameplay mechanics: Indy does some basic archaeology to solve puzzles, punches stuff and swings and climbs on ropes.

We ended up rather liking it (Dan Whitehead called it "a commendable improvement on an already solid framework") but also felt it was a shame that many of the extra bits that made the LSW games so deep and varied were absent.

There's no word on how big the demo download is but it should be available everywhere.

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