LEGO Indiana Jones


Warner extends LEGO rights to 2016

Looking to "further expand slate".

GOD welcomes LEGO Indy, Saints Row 2

Plus: Winter Sports demo on Live.

Games added to US cut-price 360 bundles

No word from the Euros yet.

Traveller's Tales doing more LEGO

And planning kids' TV show.

Warner extends LEGO rights to 2016

Looking to "further expand slate".

GOD welcomes LEGO Indy, Saints Row 2

Plus: Winter Sports demo on Live.

Games added to US cut-price 360 bundles

No word from the Euros yet.

Traveller's Tales doing more LEGO

And planning kids' TV show.

UK charts: LEGO Indy back on top

WALL-E bleeping at two. Top 40 inside.

Wii becomes best-selling US console

PS3 doubles 360 sales for June.

Digital Foundry | X360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 12

Quake Wars, GRID, LEGO Indy Jones, Overlord, Euro 2008.

Activision: no LEGO Indy demo for consoles

But the PC version is out now.

LEGO Indiana Jones

Can you dig it?

Feature | Belloq from Indiana Jones

Talks LEGO, snakes and the price of fame.

LEGO Indiana Jones here in June

Along with 60 of his friends.

No LEGO Indy demo for UK Indy DVDs

Lucasfilm says there's one for Region 1.

LEGO Indiana Jones not four-player

LucasArts stamps on false report.

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Videogame

It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage.

Lara and friends on GfW label

MS promises big 2008 on PC.

Warner Bros. buys TT Games

LEGO titles unharmed.

Lego Indy Jones announced

We called the game Indiana.