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Traveller's Tales doing more LEGO

And planning kids' TV show.

Traveller's Tales has begun work on more LEGO games for parent company Warner Bros. and also plans to create a children's TV show.

"We've gotten started doing some LEGO games on the Warner IP... down the line," company president Jon Burton told Variety.

"And for me personally, I think further in the future we're making a kids' TV show... using some of the tech we've developed for games."

Since Traveller's Tales was acquired by Warner late last year, said Burton, he's been able to experiment "without quitting the day job, so to speak".

"So for me, to look to the future and think, 'I wouldn't mind [doing a film]...' And Warner allows me to take a step in that direction, and if I suck? Great, I'll make games."

British developer Traveller's Tales has been responsible for LEGO Star Wars and Indiana Jones games so far and its Batman title is now quite far along.

The LEGO Star Wars games have sold over 15 million units between them, Burton told Variety, and the Indy Jones game topped the charts, so it's not too surprising to hear that Warner's enthusiastic about new versions.

Along with recent LEGO games, Traveller's Tales has also been responsible for other licensed properties and franchise extensions - something Burton attributes to the developer's "reputation for treating people's IPs well".

Recent games include Transformers: The Game and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, but the firm has also handled Bionicle Heroes and even Super Monkey Ball Adventure over the past few years.

Look out for more on LEGO Batman soon and check Variety to see what else Burton had to say.

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