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Far Cry movie trailer now showing

See Uwe's latest effort in action.

A new trailer for the movie adaptation of PC shooter Far Cry has popped up on YouTube.

It's well worth watching. There's a joke about a gun being a bit like a penis! Or possibly a penis being a bit like a gun, it's very subtle.

Far Cry is being directed by Uwe Boll. He's no stranger to films based on games, of course, having previously brought us Alone in the Dark, BloodRayne and Postal amongst others.

But perhaps this one will be his last, as Boll revealed way back in February 2006. "I won't say that I won't acquire another videogame licence in the future. But I'm not so eager to do it any more, to be honest," he told us.

"After Far Cry, maybe I'll go away from videogame-based movies. And everybody can be really happy about it." That means you, Boll-hating Internetster!

The Far Cry movie is out this spring.

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