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Deep Silver reveals X3: Terran Conflict

Series finale this year.

Deep Silver has revealed the fourth and final game in the X series of space adventures as X3: Terran Conflict.

It will be available on PC at the end of the year and put the storyline to bed, so to speak - answering all sorts of questions you dreamt up when the series began in 1999, like will my eyes really pop out if I go out here without a space suit on?

All the action takes place back in Earth's solar system this time around, and everything is promised to be bigger and better than ever.

The most recent release in the X series was X3: Reunion in 2005. Its scope and focus on trading and combat made it alluring, but a buggy implementation, slow pacing and steep learning curve kept it from getting top marks.

Which was unfortunate, as Egosoft remedied many of these problems when it relaunched the game in late 2006 - complete with patch version 2.0 and Bala Gi Expansion.

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