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Audiosurf demo available

Your music as puzzles.

By now you know that Dylan Fitterer's Audiosurf, a fancy mixture of rhythm-response and puzzle that feeds off your own MP3 collection, is out on Steam. But perhaps you didn't know there was a demo. There is.

You can grab it from Valve's Steam website, and the full game costs USD 9.95. Look out for a review pretty soon.

Other details about Audiosurf on Steam that we learned last week include the fact that it's one of the first non-Valve games to include Steam Achievements, thanks to Steamworks, and that it ships with a copy of The Orange Box soundtrack to play along to, including "Still Alive".

As Fitterer put it when we spoke to him the other day, "This has turned into one crazy ride." It was already pretty crazy, Dylan - we're completing puzzles built around Girls Aloud and Alcazar.

To find out more about Audiosurf, play it, obviously. Or read our first impressions. It's up for some gongs in the Independent Games Festival Awards on Wednesday this week, too, so wish it well.

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