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Audiosurf on Steam this week

With Orange Box music.

PC rhythm-action game Audiosurf is set to be released on Steam this Friday, 15th February, with the music from The Orange Box included for playing along to. The game will cost USD 9.95, with a 10 percent discount available on pre-orders.

Audiosurf is among the finalists for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the Independent Games Festival next week - the event's top accolade.

It's also probably the finalist with the most commercial potential. Some of the others are magical gaming experiences (the physics puzzlers World of Goo and Crayon Physics Deluxe in particular), but Audiosurf is a music-based game that lets you play along to your own MP3 collection.

The idea is to collect coloured blocks in time to the beats. Beats in the Steam version include "Still Alive" from Portal, and other elements of The Orange Box soundtrack, but you can always queue up your own music. Assuming it's not McFly - in which case we withdraw permission.

Audiosurf also takes advantage of Valve's recently unveiled Steamworks, offering Steam Achievements for which to gun.

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