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Audiosurf gets meaty update

Developer responds to fans' requests.

Award-winning musical puzzle game Audiosurf has had been given a rather chunky update.

Most of the features added were suggested by fans of the game, and include Last.fm "audioscrobbling", being able to run the game as a music visualiser and the option to comment on scoreboards.

There is also a mod interface available for you creative types, although this has been usable in beta form for a while - the Audiosurf forum has a list of what has been made so far.

The Audiosurf update will be applied automatically when you load the game via Steam.

Audiosurf has you matching coloured blocks as your spaceship cruises along a Guitar Hero-style fretboard highway. The shape, speed, and mood of each ride is dictated by the music you're listening to.

It won Excellence in Audio at the Independent Games Festival earlier this year, and costs USD 9.99 on Steam - it comes with The Orange Box soundtrack, too.

We like it.