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Audiosurf price slashed on Steam

PC puzzler for under two pounds.

Steam has chopped 75 per cent off the asking price for wacky PC music rollercoaster game Audiosurf.

That reduces the price from USD 10 to USD 2.50, which is about tuppence ha'penny or thereabouts in the Queen's money.

Audiosurf can be described as a cross between Rez, Amplitude, Tetris and Vib Ribbon. [If you're doing it badly, anyway. - Ed] The idea is to match three coloured blocks that appear in time to the music, while zipping along a Guitar Hero fret-style track.

That description is quite confusing, of course, which is why watching a short clip of Audiosurf should make everything clear.

We rather liked Audiosurf back at release in February, suggesting the low asking price should hold few back. Well, now the price is even lower.

Head over to our Audiosurf review for much more detail.

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