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No word on Gladius 2, despite rumour

Concept artist also listed KOTOR 3.

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LucasArts Euro-voice Activision has offered no comment on rumours that a Gladius sequel is in development.

Rumblings spread from the website of concept artist James Zhang, who entered both Gladius and "Gladius 2" on his "client list" of past and present projects.

He had also provided links to pictures for the supposed sequel as well as for "Knights of the Old Republic 3", according to original evidence-spotter Ripten. However, these have since been removed.

James Zhang has previously worked with LucasArts on KOTOR 2, Starfighter, Star Wars Episode 3 and Republic Commandos.

Gladius was released in 2003 and received favourable reviews for its tactical role-playing that had you build a school of gladiators then pit them against other establishments for fame and glory and maybe women.

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