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September 2009 Archive

    1. Band Hero has new instruments
    2. DSiWare buys are non-transferrable
    3. Battlefield Heroes of the Fall released
    4. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
    5. Left 4 Dead: Crash Course
    6. Super SFIV coming spring next year
    7. Mac version of WAR gets release date
    8. Joe Danger
    9. LOTRO: Mirkwood in December
    10. Namco Bandai officially unveils Enslaved
    11. Dead Space 2 almost in production
    12. Wii Fit Plus gets European date
    13. Sign-ups for Old Republic test open
    14. New Resident Evil film in production
    15. DJ Hero turntable only works in DJ Hero
    16. LucasArts' Lucidity priced
    17. Square targets six million sales of FFXIII
    18. Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta open to all
    19. Ninja Theory signs up with Namco
    1. First Fable II: Game Episode is live
    2. Counter-Strike maker's new game
    3. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
    4. FFXI update and expansion dated
    5. KOTOR2 missing content restored
    6. L4D Crash Course released on Live
    7. Secret World delayed by Funcom lay-offs
    8. Star Trek Online outfit free with Blu-rays
    9. Hello Games announces Joe Danger
    10. Ultima Online welcoming old players back
    11. Modern Warfare 2 demo is unlikely
    12. EA petitions to have Edge marks canned
    13. NFS Shift console demo on Thursday
    14. Pokémon Explorers of the Sky dated
    15. Fieldrunners coming to PSP this week
    16. Three new games for XBLA tomorrow
    17. Aion opens two new European servers
    18. Music games are "crap", says Bunnyman
    19. Uncharted 2 chapter Tweets disabled
    20. Tim Schafer is 20 years old or something!
    21. Yamauchi hints at European GT5 date
    22. Gridrunner Revolution out now
    23. Super Street Fighter IV unveiled
    24. Rock Band 2 for Wii in October
    25. Off the Map
    1. Cataclysm features Goblin GTA parody
    2. Microsoft demos Katamari, Natal-style
    3. Halo 3: ODST disc error "not widespread"
    4. Are you the UK's best Nintendo gamer?
    5. PSP PixelJunk Monsters out Thursday
    6. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
    7. Halo 3: ODST tops UK charts
    8. Machinarium gets release date
    9. Valkyria II to have multiplayer modes
    10. Inafune: Japanese industry "is finished"
    11. Harmonix releases Rock Band 2 update
    12. Street Fighter announcement tomorrow
    13. New Fist of the North Star game coming
    14. THQ reveals third Red Faction DLC pack
    15. Alpha Protocol delayed to summer 2010?
    16. 225 games available for PSPgo at launch
    17. SOE working on new PlanetSide
    18. Natal patches for old games unlikely
    19. Kirby Super Star Ultra
    1. Lost Planet 2
    1. Conchords Rock Band DLC confirmed
    2. Vesperia PS3 makes big impact in Japan
    3. Battlefield Heroes has 2 million users
    4. SCEI's Fumito Ueda
    5. Untethered Melodies
    6. Metroid Prime series not finished?
    7. Europe gets EUR 50 Wii price cut
    8. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
    9. Next Gears may be on next-gen consoles
    10. Assassin's DS dated, uses DSi camera
    11. Halo 3: ODST disc-read errors reported
    12. Square Enix, PopCap unveil Gyromancer
    13. XBLA can't handle games over 2GB
    14. PSN: Lost Planet 2, Ninja Gaiden demos
    15. BioShock 1 due for Mac next month
    16. Ninja Blade heading to PC next month
    17. Wii price not influenced by PS3/360
    18. Brutal Legend demo now on Live
    19. SCEA: No UMD conversion programme
    1. FIFA 10
    2. FIFA team eyes playable TV replays
    3. Sony TGS announcements roundup
    4. White Knight Chronicles 2 revealed
    5. MS explains Xbox Live downtime
    6. Forza 3 to offer Ferrari 458 as DLC
    7. The Saboteur
    8. Sony reveals PS Home for PSP
    9. Three free games for PSPgo upgraders
    10. Forza Motorsport 3 demo goes Live
    11. FFXIII PS3 Slim bundle shown at TGS
    12. Assassin's Creed II slips on PC
    13. Sony shows PSPgo converter cable thing
    14. Sony reveals UK 250GB PS3 bundles
    15. New Super Mario Bros. Wii dated
    16. New PS3 has sold over one million
    17. Dead Space: Extraction
    18. GOWIII demo inside GOW collection
    19. Nintendo confirms new Wii bundle
    20. Dead Space: Extraction
    21. Natal can work with core games - Kojima
    22. Microsoft names Natal game publishers
    23. New features for White Knight in Europe
    24. MS lists new upcoming XBLA titles
    25. Hirai wants games to harness emotions
    26. Sony TGS 2009 keynote
    27. Gran Turismo 5 dated for Japan
    28. Disgaea 2 PSP coming to Europe
    29. Wii price cut for the US and Japan
    30. Splinter Cell: Conviction dated
    31. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Pripyat radiates to 2010
    32. Assassin's Creed II
    1. More free Batman DLC tomorrow
    2. EA Japan making Zelda-alike for DS
    3. UK Wii bundle instead of price cut
    4. Army of Two: The 40th Day
    5. White men over-represented in games
    6. Trials HD races past 300,000 sales
    7. The Witcher 2 is heading to consoles
    8. Ubisoft unveils Settlers 7 for spring
    9. NCsoft not worried about Aion crowds
    10. Borderlands PC slips a week
    11. SingStar Beatles mic bundle confirmed
    12. WOW patch returns Onyxia to power
    13. Swastika prompts German Wolf recall
    14. Naughty Dog not done with Uncharted
    15. Left 4 Dead: Crash Course out next week
    16. SuperCar Challenge
    1. Flight of the Conchords for Rock Band?
    2. Comet Crash heads to Europe
    3. Brink
    4. Sony's best confirmed for EG Expo
    5. Uncharted 2 dated for Europe
    6. Dreamcast PSN releases possible?
    7. Fallen Earth
    8. New European DSi colours dated
    9. Dutch national team in FIFA 10
    10. Bookworm and Bejeweled for DSiWare
    11. Fairytale Fights
    12. Chinese WOW returns after two months
    13. Warriors, Ion Assault on XBLA on Weds
    14. Microsoft: We are digi distribution leader
    15. PixelJunk Shooter out in Japan this year
    16. Top Buddhist uses games to unwind
    17. MS confirms new 360 wireless dongle
    1. Empire: Total War gets Warpath add-on
    2. Wada: new Nintendo console by 2011
    3. GRIN's Final Fantasy game lives on
    4. NFS puts in a chart-topping Shift
    5. WET
    6. Turbine: Console is superior MMO platform
    7. Bizarre's Blur skids to 2010
    8. Dawn of War II expansion revealed
    9. Greenberg: Price cut boost won't last long
    10. Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg
    11. Big Battlefield: Heroes update soon
    12. Zombie Apocalypse this week
    13. Aion: The Tower of Eternity
    14. AION headstart floods servers
    15. Rare: GoldenEye revival long dead
    16. Nadeo announces TrackMania 2 for PC
    17. Dragon Quest: Wars next month
    18. Japanese SFIV blog hints at sequel
    19. PGR confirmed for Zune HD this year
    20. DeathSpank
    1. Tech Analysis: Uncharted 2
    1. Ankama dates Dofus 2.0 launch
    2. Indie games out in force for Expo '09
    3. Witcher 2 still needs a publisher
    4. Japan: New Pokemon catches all
    5. BioShock 2 worldwide in February
    6. Platinum soothes Bayonetta PS3 worries
    7. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
    8. Ninja Theory's Enslaved detailed
    9. GAME unveils MW2 Veteran Package
    10. Dungeons & Dragons Online
    11. Ad Nauseum
    12. CD Projekt unveils The Witcher 2
    13. WOW's vital statistics revealed
    14. Get Tales of Monkey Island Ep 1 for free
    15. Trine, Bomberman head PSN refresher
    16. Aion trumpets 400,000 pre-orders
    17. Play UT3 Black for free this weekend
    18. Star Ocean PS3 dated for Europe
    19. Dungeon Runners to die at New Year
    1. Katamari Forever
    2. ShopTo: PSPgo "almost dead" on arrival
    3. PES 2010 demo now on Live, PSN
    4. Fallout 3 GOTY dated for mid-October
    5. BBC's "PS3 failure" report under fire
    6. PAL New Releases Roundup - 17/09/09
    7. Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 21
    8. Policenauts
    9. Cursed Mountain
    10. Full Super Star Wars series for VC
    11. Ant and Dec sign new deal with Nintendo
    12. No wireless MP or DLC for PSP Minis
    13. Forza 3 to be bundled with 250GB Xbox
    14. Lost Planet 2 co-op demo coming to PS3
    15. Mythic shares biggest mistakes with WAR
    16. Steam Jedi Knight bundle unveiled
    17. City of Heroes ups customisation
    18. Beatles: Rock Band is selling well
    19. Valkyria Chronicles II heading West
    20. Free Realms for PS3 in mid-2010
    21. SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny
    1. Nintendo on-board for EG Expo
    2. Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony review
    3. Fallout 3 GOTY date still non-committal
    4. Microsoft not selling 250GB HDD alone
    5. New WiiWare recruitment drive soon
    6. EA will look into an SSX revival
    7. IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey
    8. Time is right to leave Lara, says Gard
    9. MS helps PS3 projects blossom - report
    10. Biggest Dutch retailer boycotts PSPgo
    11. Almost half SWG servers to close
    12. New Activision title Bloodhunt revealed
    13. Nintendo US dates Zelda: Spirit Tracks
    14. New Silent Hill movie confirmed
    15. New PS3 firmware update issued
    16. Modern Warfare 2-themed 360 unveiled
    17. Quake Live
    1. Trine PS3 out in Europe this week
    2. MS testing new 360 wireless dongle
    3. Gran Turismo
    4. Star Ocean: TLH heading to PS3
    5. Dexter iPhone game out now
    6. Activison predicts console-free future
    7. iPhone Beneath a Steel Sky is close
    8. MAG PS3 beta sign-ups open now
    9. EA announces Skate 3 for May
    10. Gamers don't want a new Xbox, says exec
    11. Need for Speed: SHIFT
    12. VidZone gets full 16:9 playback
    13. Bubble Bobble on XBLA this week
    14. Bungie and Capcom to work together?
    15. FFCC: Crystal Bearers gets US date
    16. Kim to leave Microsoft after 19 years
    17. "More broad appeal" for Blizzard MMO
    18. Free Batman DLC dated, detailed
    1. Split/Second coming to the Expo
    2. Scribblenauts
    3. Söldner X sequel exclusively for PS3
    4. Uncharted 2 MP demo up early
    5. Red Alert 3 sub-game this week
    6. Torchlight
    7. DJ Hero signs Daft Punk
    8. N+ developer unveils Office Yeti
    9. Jedi Knight series on Steam this week
    10. Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 20
    11. Blood Bowl
    12. WipEout HD Blu-ray bundle official
    13. UK charts: Guitar Hero 5 beats Beatles
    14. Gran Turismo PSP shines in 60FPS video
    15. Interplay's Fallout MMO on the ropes
    16. Nintendo trademarks The Last Story
    17. Tropico 3 demo out now for PC
    18. Huge Scribblenauts dictionary leaked
    19. LucasArts' Lucidity confirmed for PC
    20. COD: WAW PC to get new map pack
    21. Zune HD game evidence mounts
    22. Game Informer teases Epic Mickey reveal
    23. MotorStorm: Arctic Edge
    24. Castlevania GBA coming to WiiWare
    1. Slick performance in new Forza 3 vid
    1. EG rocks with Pixie Lott at GH5 launch
    2. Championship Manager 2010
    3. More October 250GB PS3 evidence
    4. Wii FFIV story DLC available now
    5. SingStar Rooms dated for PS Home
    6. Demos galore line the PS3 Store
    7. Tech Comparison: Red Faction Guerrilla PC
    8. Guitar Hero 5
    9. Japan chart: PS3 Slim a major hit
    10. MGS: Peace Walker playable at TGS
    11. Definition Transition
    12. Activision: Love "signed" Cobain deal
    13. Porn company wants to get on PS3
    14. Braid going cheap on Steam
    15. LucasArts' new game Lucidity revealed
    16. Halo Waypoint nabs November date
    17. NPD: PS3 and 360 on equal footing
    18. First Crackdown 2 info surfaces
    1. Funcom's Ragnar Tornquist
    2. The Secret World
    3. In Theory: How PS3 can own 3D gaming
    4. Love to "sue the s***" out of Activision
    5. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Preorder Packs!
    6. JAW working on three retro titles
    7. Mini Ninjas
    8. Apple: DS and PSP "don't stack up"
    9. Ghostbusters 360 slips to November
    10. Famitsu teases second Nier game
    11. GT PSP special editions detailed
    12. Star Trek: DAC dated for PC, PS3
    13. Assassin's Creed II iPhone game shown
    14. Ninja Theory finally reveals Enslaved
    15. iPod Touch power boosted, price cut
    16. PSP firmware updated to 6.00
    17. Natural Born Killer
    1. Eurogamer rocks the Cavern Club
    2. LucasArts revelation on Friday
    3. PS3 250GB bundles priced, detailed
    4. Red Faction: Guerrilla's Big Bang Theory
    5. Live Seasons expanded for FIFA 10
    6. 250GB PS3 Slim bundle for October?
    7. APB
    8. LOTRO's new Skirmishes mode detailed
    9. BioShock leads September GOD barrage
    10. FEAR 2: Project Origin - Reborn
    11. Polyphony confirms GT5 head-tracking
    12. EVE Council hit by insider trading scandal
    13. ZeniMax files to protect Prey
    14. Fallen Earth release pushed back
    15. Limited Beatles 360s auctioned for charity
    16. PAX succumbs to swine flu outbreak
    17. Sony explains/defends PS3 firmware 3.0
    18. Trials HD DLC in development now
    19. Disney buys Seropian's Wideload Games
    20. Champions Online
    21. Free Batman DLC next week
    22. Moore: Dreamcast paved way for Live, PSN
    23. Cross Edge
    1. C64 emulator pulled off App Store
    2. No console S.T.A.L.K.E.R. before Pripyat
    3. Second Midway/Woo game cancelled?
    4. D&D Online relaunch a success
    5. Mass Effect 2 "such a better experience"
    6. Penny Arcade Adventures' future iffy
    7. Square Enix confirms FFXIII date
    8. Metroid Prime Trilogy
    9. Professor Layton and Pandora's Box
    10. Wii horoscope channel tomorrow
    11. Wallace and Sonic on XBLA tomorrow
    12. Sony extends PS3 Platinum range
    13. APB beta "weeks not months away"
    1. PS3 Slim breaks records in Japan
    2. Left 4 Dead 2: Swamp Fever and Dark Carnival
    3. Left 4 Dead 2: Specials, Weapons and Tactics
    4. Valve's Chet Faliszek
    5. UK chart: Batman wings again
    6. Halo 3: ODST
    7. Firefight could feature in Halo: Reach
    8. iPhone C64 emulator approved, released
    9. PS3 sales rocket 1000% on Slim release
    10. SOE making casual Star Wars MMO?
    11. Lennon would've been "excited" about RB
    12. LittleBigPlanet demo this week
    13. Rockstar's Agent due out in 2010
    14. MS reveals Dream Build Play winners
    15. Halo 3: ODST live action ad airs
    16. KOTOR lands on Steam
    1. Section 8
    2. The Beatles: Rock Band
    1. Bungie not ready to talk about Reach
    2. Eurogamer Readers' Lifetime Top 50
    3. Console Gaming: The Lag Factor
    1. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
    2. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2
    3. LOTRO to get DLC expansion this year
    4. Can you predict review scores?
    5. Eurogamer Editors' Games of the Decade
    6. Eurogamer's Lifetime Top 10
    7. Sony wants you for reality PSN series
    8. Splatterhouse dev closes down
    9. The Real Cataclysm
    10. The Secret World's factions revealed
    11. Capcom confirmed for EG Expo
    12. Japan chart: PS3 sales plummet
    13. WOW faction changes live in the US
    14. Dark Void
    15. Sixaxis wiggles boobs in NG Sigma 2
    16. Halo 3: ODST perma-bans begin
    17. No Euro GOW Collection this year
    18. Atari responds to D&D lawsuit
    19. L4D1 DLC pricing not Valve's decision
    20. Left 4 Dead 2's Dark Carnival unveiled
    1. Champions Online
    2. Colin McRae: DiRT 2
    3. Lost in Shadow dated, detailed
    4. Diablo III
    5. New Scene It? heads to PS3, Wii
    6. Fate/Unlimited Codes tops PS Store
    7. SW Republic Heroes demo on Live
    8. TF2 rewarding honesty with halos
    9. Kojima still "experimenting" with Rising
    10. Two more games confirmed for Expo
    11. LEGO Universe
    12. Firemint Real Racing
    13. Stringer: Sony is on the 3DTV train
    14. EA ditching NASCAR games
    15. MS drops 360's 720p requirement
    16. Bonk to return on XBLA, PSN and WiiWare
    17. Live Champions Online interview!
    18. Eurogamer's 10th Birthday! Nominate Your Top Ten Games
    19. Colin McRae: DiRT 2
    1. Okamiden set months after Okami
    2. Konami signs Ninety-Nine Nights 2?
    3. Last Beatles: RB song revealed
    4. Hardware Test: PS3 Slim
    5. Band Hero
    6. Bayonetta demo "coming soon"
    7. Huge Battlefield 2 patch finally released
    8. Codemasters drops ArchLord MMO
    9. Xbox 360 Elite sales up by 43 per cent
    10. First Champions Online update detailed
    11. Take-Two confirms early 2010 line-up
    12. Take-Two settles Hot Coffee class action
    13. Loads more PSone games coming to PSN
    14. First DSi-only cartridge game surfaces
    15. Wii Internet Channel now free of charge
    16. Take-Two boss gets cross about GTAV
    17. Team Bondi - The First Interview
    18. Take-Two already working on Natal games
    19. Live DiRT 2 interview today!
    20. GHWT-to-GH5 song transfer priced
    21. GOD adds Double Agent, GRAW
    22. Flipnote Studio
    1. Wolfenstein: End of the road for idTech 4?
    2. The Path dev dates next game
    3. US to get black Wii remote and nunchuk
    4. Okamiden is Okami for DS
    5. F.E.A.R. 2 Reborn DLC priced
    6. anniversary promo tomorrow
    7. Mass Effect 2
    8. UK charts: Batman straight in at the top
    9. Cryptic "ready to go" on Champions 360
    10. King of Fighters XII delayed
    11. Frontier confirms LostWinds sequel
    12. Fitness First producing Wii Fit accessories
    13. Record of Agarest War coming to PSN
    14. Disney buying Marvel for $4 billion
    15. Blue Toad Murder Files
    16. Relentless: Blue Toad will be unique on PSN
    17. XBLA: Defense Grid, Yo-Ho Kablammo
    18. Sony unveils God of War Collection
    19. EVE to revamp alliance warfare
    20. GTA: Chinatown Wars coming to iPhone
    21. PlayStation 3.0 firmware released