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Activison predicts console-free future

Plans to "take the fun out of making games".

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Activision Blizzard boss Bobby Kotick has predicted a console-less future for his games, revealed a company culture of "scepticism, pessimism, and fear", and shown mouth rendering technology he thinks will transform the medium.

All this he did during a 45 minute speech at the Deutsche Bank Securities Technology Conference earlier today.

The bubbly brunette said to "expect many of our products to be playable independent of a console", according to GameSpot, explaining that an "untethered" Guitar Hero gives "more leverage" when it comes to DLC. To this end, Kotick has been impressed by set-top game-streaming services like OnLive.

Next, he used Call of Duty: World at War to illustrate how poor mouth movement is in games. But not for much longer, as Activision has new rendering technology for the next generation that will transform the medium. Kotick showed a clip of it in action.

Regarding the next generation, Kotick said he hadn't heard a thing from the platform holders, which lead him to believe pricing is the current priority for Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.

Finally, Kotick talked about focusing his company on "profit and nothing else"; instilling a culture of "thrift" by employing staff that will "take all the fun out of making videogames".

For Kotick, an atmosphere of "scepticism, pessimism and fear" represents "mission accomplished".

His comments go some way to explaining why Activision bumped the price of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 up to £54.99, and why DJ: Hero and Tony Hawk: Ride will cost £109.99 and £99.99 when bundled with their associated peripherals.

But as Guitar Hero 5 (£74.99 with guitar) tops the UK All-Formats chart - comfortably ahead of The Beatles: Rock Band - and his herculean Christmas line-up lurks in the wings, there appears to be little anyone can do to dent his confidence.

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