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Tony Hawk: Shred team axed

Activision lays off Robomodo staff.

Activision is making redundancies at Tony Hawk: Shred developer Robomodo, according to multiple sources cited by Kotaku.

Bobby Kotick loves the Ride board

Activision boss's favourite peripheral.

Activision CEO and rabble-rouser par excellence Bobby Kotick has chimed in with another gem: the much-maligned Tony Hawk: Ride board is his favourite gaming peripheral.

Tony Hawk still bigging up Ride board

Says it's a "flagship" for other experiences.

Tony Hawk's pointed out that the "master plan" is and always has been to use Ride's board peripheral for multiple game experiences - not just skateboarding.

Tony Hawk bitter about Ride scores

"Snarky" critics were unfairly hostile.

Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk is upset about the low scores that Ride has been given at review. He thinks critics had unfair preconceptions.

UK charts: MW2 top, Tony Hawk tanks

FIFA 10 pushing hard.

Activision may beam as poster-child Modern Warfare 2 racks up a fourth winning week in the UK all-formats chart, but newcomer Tony Hawk: Ride landed face-first on the pavement.

Tony Hawk: RIDE

Tony Hawk: RIDE

Thin ice.

And so the Battle for All the Money in the World rages on for games publishers. With Sony out of the running following a disastrously bold opening salvo (599 US dollars), Nintendo having let the nice mood cool and Microsoft still trying to convince us it's worth paying 15 quid a month for posh Freeview, here comes Activision Blizzard.

Once again the company appears to be pursuing a policy of exploiting established franchises every year across every platform. But that's just one strategy - others include hiking prices and bundling games with expensive plastic accessories.

Tony Hawk: RIDE must be Activision's idea of a weapon of mass destruction. It's an ancient franchise, it's available for every platform, it costs a hundred quid and it comes with a plastic skateboard. There's just one problem: it's rubbish.

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Tony Hawk wants Ride sequel

Tony Hawk wants Ride sequel

Hopes peripheral can find wider use.

Pro skater Tony Hawk has said that he really wants to see a sequel to the latest game to bear his name, Ride, and that he hopes we'll see more releases using its unique skateboard peripheral in the future.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's all systems go with trying to make at least a sequel for this, because I feel like we've only just really tapped what's possible with this technology," Hawk told GameSpot.

Apparently the birdman thinks that there's room for improvement in the current game, which came out in the US last week and will be released in Europe on 4th December, especially in the way you "transition from the vert mode to the street mode".

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Tony Hawk board is "not finished"

Should be white, "iPod-like."

Tony Hawk: Ride developer Robomodo has said the skateboard peripheral we’ve seen is "not finished" yet and won't end up being black and grey after all.

Tony Hawk: Ride sequel likely

Tony Hawk: Ride sequel likely

Developer already contemplating it.

Tony Hawk: Ride developer Robomondo is already thinking about a sequel, according to studio boss Josh Tsui.

Ride, which makes use of the new wireless skateboard peripheral, is due out later this year, and doesn't even have a fixed date yet, but that's no barrier, apparently.

"Obviously, we're very focused on getting this done, but being the creative types that we are, we're always writing up new game proposals and things we want to do," Tsui told Industry Gamers.

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E3: Tony Hawk: Ride

Skater toy.

Activision has seen the future, and it's plastic. Ride, this year's Tony Hawk reboot, ditches traditional controller inputs in favour of a full-size mock skateboard, and if it sells, in the next few years you can probably expect the piles of fake guitars and drum-kits in your living room to be joined with fake sporting goods, the odd bit of fake weaponry, and possibly even fake kitchen equipment, if the publisher ever decides to follow Taito into Cooking Mama territory.

Tony Hawk: Ride is not 360 exclusive

Tony Hawk: Ride is not 360 exclusive

Activision's PR agency retracts claim.

Activision's PR agency has retracted its "erroneous" claim that Tony Hawk: Ride will be an Xbox 360 exclusive in the UK.

However, the statement issued simply says the game will be released on PS3 and Wii as well.

That means Ride could still be a timed exclusive for our region, as there's no mention of a simultaneous release or any date mentioned.

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Tony Hawk: Ride is 360 exclusive in UK

Tony Hawk: Ride is 360 exclusive in UK

Microsoft in Santa's pocket.

Update: Activision clarified that Tony Hawk: Ride will not be an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Activision has revealed that Tony Hawk: RIDE will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 in the UK.

The game was revealed late last week for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii, but Microsoft has seemingly grabbed the highly-anticipated title for itself in the region.

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Tony Hawk: Ride platforms confirmed

Tony Hawk: Ride platforms confirmed

Hands-free skating for PS3, 360 and Wii.

Activision has confirmed that Tony Hawk: Ride will appear on PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 "later this year". RoboModo will develop PS3 and 360 versions while Buzz Monkey creates for Wii.

Tony Hawk: Ride has been built around a wireless skateboard controller, which was pictured and demonstrated last week. The board has sensors and an accelerometer, and lets players realistically mimic the extreme sport in their houses.

All involved are, needless to say, confident: Activision's marketeer Rob Kotisch thinks the board is a "massive step forward" for the entire industry.

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Activision "reinventing" Tony Hawk

Ambitious DS project out this year.

Activision has promised it will be "reinventing Tony Hawk from the ground-up", presumably in order to compete with acclaimed genre newcomer Skate.