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Tony Hawk wants Ride sequel

Hopes peripheral can find wider use.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Pro skater Tony Hawk has said that he really wants to see a sequel to the latest game to bear his name, Ride, and that he hopes we'll see more releases using its unique skateboard peripheral in the future.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's all systems go with trying to make at least a sequel for this, because I feel like we've only just really tapped what's possible with this technology," Hawk told GameSpot.

Apparently the birdman thinks that there's room for improvement in the current game, which came out in the US last week and will be released in Europe on 4th December, especially in the way you "transition from the vert mode to the street mode".

"I'm sure there's more of a seamless way to do that, but we had to separate it for this first one, just because we wanted to get it finished and get it tight," he explained.

As for the board itself, he reckons "first priority" after skateboarding is snowboarding, "and beyond that I'd love to do a surfing game".

All that probably depends on how well the game goes down with fans. We're still waiting on review code, what with the late European launch, but the game has struggled to impress US critics.

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