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New Bond, Hawk, Spidey games coming

Plus: US, UK and Germany to get Ride first.

Activision Blizzard has revealed further instalments in some of its most popular series are on the way.

In a conference call with some analyst types, Activizzard execs said that'll include a new James Bond game. You can also expect more from Tony Hawk and another Spider-Man title.

Videogame tie-ins are planned for Shrek 4 and fellow animated film How to Train Your Dragon. All the games mentioned above are set for a release in 2010.

So is Tony Hawk Ride, for some countries anyway. The game will be released in North America, the UK and Germany in time for Christmas, but everyone else will have to wait till next year. Blactivision wants to make sure there are have plenty of skateboard peripherals stocked up before going global. Bad news amis, amigos, amicos, vriends, φίλος, друг etc.