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PAL New Releases Roundup - 17/09/09

Batman PC! WET! NFS Shift! Katamari!

Hello autumn, with your orange leaves and conkers, and bye bye summer with your sweaty armpits and sunburn. You have brought us a busy schedule, so let's look at what's in the Friday store.

There's WET, the Bethesda-rescued action game starring a sultry hero who uses guns, acrobatics and swords to kills swathes of goons. Ellie's full analysis will be on Eurogamer later this week.

There's a new Need for Speed and Shift is its name; apt, given the slide away from urban rhymes to traditional race-track times. It's an admirable start, but weak against giants Forza 3 and Gran Turismo 5. Our Need for Speed: Shift review dissects.

There's Batman: Arkham Asylum on PC, which swoops in a couple of weeks late but adds fancy PhysX treats for NVIDIA owners to a bloody brilliant game underneath. Buy; our Batman: Arkham Asylum review tells why.

Other PC latecomers arriving this week are Red Faction: Guerrilla and Resident Evil 5 - the latter adding stereoscopic 3D to the zombie mix.

There's SingStar Motown, which excites people like me, and Katamari Forever, which brings the beloved collect-'em-up series to PS3 for the first time.

MotorStorm makes its mediocre PSP debut in Arctic Edge, and there's World War II dogfighting in Heroes over Europe - few reviews of which have surfaced, which is a worrying sign. Same goes for Square Enix's strategy game Order of War.

Oh, and there's an ice-hockey showdown as NHL 10 and NHL 2K10 slide into the rink together.

Friday 18th September in shops:
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