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Bizarre's Blur skids to 2010

Multiplayer needs more time.

Activision has pushed Bizarre Creations' new racing game Blur back to 2010.

The Project Gotham Racing developer needs more time to beef up the "innovative and distinctive" multiplayer, explained the press release, spotted by VG247. Blur aims to allow 20 people to race online, or four locally in split-screen. Even more ambitious are the lofty community-driven goals of user-created content being shared by all.

Blur had previously been on the busy November grid, ready to match up against monsters like Gran Turismo 5 (theoretically) and Forza Motorsport 3. We hope the slip is minuscule, but Activision has not specified when in 2010 Blur will appear.

Plus, there could be another head-to-head on the cards, as Black Rock's promising Split/Second shapes for release early next year.

Find out more about Blur in our lengthy hands-on analysis written earlier this year.