Gran Turismo 5


Key events

9th November 2011

Steering Wheel Group Review

24th November 2010

Gran Turismo 5 launch trailer

24th November 2010

Gran Turismo 5

12th November 2010

GT5 date announcement imminent

15th October 2010

Sony releases new GT5 trailer

23rd August 2010

GT 5 gamescom trailer

15th March 2010

New Gran Turismo 5 trailer

15th December 2009

Gran Turismo 5 demo gameplay

4th December 2009

GT Academy 2010 Trailer

Gran Turismo 5 online finale event gives you GT6 cars

One last lap before the wheels come off.

All Gran Turismo 5 DLC will be removed from sale

As online services terminated.

Sony developing Gran Turismo film

From the producers of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Is this our first hint at the Gran Turismo 6 track list?

Never-before-seen tracks appear as Polyphony unveils new cars for GT5.

UK chart: FIFA 13 sells 1 million copies in a week

Boots Borderland 2 from top spot.

Today's Gran Turismo 5 DLC is Nissan shiny

Heralds Friday's arrival of GT5: Academy Edition.

FeatureFrom GT5 Champ to Racing Pro

A year ago Jann Mardenborough was a shy teen - and now he's standing on the top of the podium.

New Gran Turismo 5 DLC this week

Japan's Motegi circuit available from tomorrow.

Gran Turismo Vita spotted in Sony customer survey

Publisher hopes to drive cross-platform sales.

PlayStation 3D Monitor launched in UK

Sony's £449.99 SimulView display now available.

New Gran Turismo 5 update goes live

Patch 2.04 improves online performance.

New Gran Turismo 5 DLC announced

Additional car pack and test track due next week.

Next Gran Turismo 5 DLC dated and detailed

New content and patch due out next week.

Sony makes Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2 official

UPDATE: No plans for a European release at this time.

Polyphony "working on Gran Turismo 6 already"

Plus: Yamauchi talks future DLC plans.

Limbo dev: the retail model is "broken"

"Why should I get a console if games need to be installed?"

FeatureGT5 2.0: Why You Need To Go Back

12 months on, what's changed in Polyphony's racer?

EU PlayStation Store update 19th October

GT5 and Deus Ex DLC! Worms! Okabu!

Gran Turismo 5 DLC locked to one PSN ID

"There just isn't a good solution."

Digital FoundryForza 4 vs. Gran Turismo 5 Video

Same car, same tracks. How do the games compare?

Gran Turismo 5 DLC cars listed

Racing pedigree cars join the fray.

Gran Turismo 5 DLC detailed

Polyphony's spoiler pack introduces Spa.

Gran Turismo Update 2.0 screens

Interior view, UI, physics updated.

Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 release date

Available on 11th October.

GT5 Spec 2.0 update to launch October

With fresh DLC to follow.

Sony: 3D visor to "revolutionise" games

Uncharted 3 will "take advantage" of viewer.

Gran Turismo 5 patch 1.11 released

Brings NASCAR Seasonal Event.

Gran Turismo creator races Nurburgring

And does well at gruelling 24hr event.

New report casts doubt on 3D popularity

1 in 3 UK homes will own a 3DTV by 2016.

Le Mans glory for GT Academy winner

Gamer finishes second at legendary race.

Gran Turismo 5 patch 1.10 released

Prizes! Easier saves! Better AI! More.

Gran Turismo 5 clothing line launched

Vorsprung durch boutique.

Cameron opens accessible gaming centre

Hails "inventive and creative" game industry.

Black Ops the best-selling PS3 game ever

Beats out Gran Turismo 5.

Save your Gran Turismo 5 endurance race

Feature in development, says Yamauchi.

Gran Turismo 5 passes 6 million mark

Big numbers for Sony's big racer.

GT5 patch 1.06 adds remote racing

300MB file also has Performance Points.

Yamauchi wants you to think about death

And how to come to terms with it.

DiRT 3 dev talks "grindy" Gran Turismo 5

"The game on the disc isn't the final game."

Gran Turismo Anywhere out early Feb

Odd GT5 feature about to leave the garage.

Official Gran Turismo 5 wheel costs £450

Thrustmaster T500RS out now.

Sony launches GT5 Mercedes comp

Signature Ed. owners: now's your chance.

Gran Turismo 5 gets 608MB patch

UPDATE: Sony reveals all.

GT5 gets free Christmas DLC

New cars available for limited time.

Yamauchi to upgrade GT5 standard cars

To beef up the 200-odd premium flock.

Kinect bundles outsell Move bundles 5-1

Plus: GT5, Donkey Kong sales figures.

Which Gran Turismo game sold most?

Clue: it's not the PSP one.

Gran Turismo 5 ships 5.5 million

Series crosses the 60 million mark.

NPD: Black Ops is 7th biggest game ever

Plus: Donkey Kong, NFS outsell GT5.

VideoThe EGTV Show: GT5's Madrid launch

Real life vs. game - with added Kaz.

Play GT5 on PC "early next year"

Yamauchi makes another promise.

£300 Gran Turismo 5 driving wheel outed

Thrustmaster T500RS has H.E.A.R.T.

GT5 tops Japan charts

Sony's racer jumpstarts PS3 sales too.

Gran Turismo 5 updates detailed

Another one scheduled for early this month.

Digital FoundryThe Evolution of Gran Turismo

The same cars on the same tracks across 13 years of PS history.

Digital FoundryGran Turismo Evolution

A video journey from GT1 to GT5.

Gran Turismo 5 tops UK chart

COD: Black Ops knocked off perch.

Digital FoundryGran Turismo 5: Crash Damage Testing

Crash damage modelling is limited earlier on in the game.

Game of the Week

I don't fancy yours much.

Digital FoundryGran Turismo 5 Tech Analysis

Digital Foundry's most comprehensive feature ever.

FeatureGran Turismo 5 online

What it does, what it doesn't do, and what Polyphony must do to fix it.

Digital FoundryGran Turismo 5: Premium vs. Standard cars

The exact same models compared in the two formats.

Digital FoundryGran Turismo 5: Chamonix 720p/1080p/3D analysis

Snowy condition racing analysed in three resolutions.

Digital FoundryGran Turismo 5: Toscana 720p/1080p/3D analysis

Rallying and shifting time of day analysis.

Digital FoundryGran Turismo 5: Nurburgring 720p/1080p/3D analysis

Exact same race analysed in three different resolutions.

Digital FoundryGran Turismo 5: Madrid 720p/1080p/3D analysis

Triple resolution analysis from one race replay.

Digital FoundryGran Turismo 5: London 720p/1080p/3D analysis

The same race analysed in three different resolutions.

Digital FoundryGran Turismo 4 vs. Gran Turismo 5

Two tracks compared: PS2 up against PS3.

Digital FoundryGran Turismo 5: 720p/1080p/3D analysis compilation

A collection of GT3 720p/1080p/3D frame-rate tests.

FeatureKazunori Yamauchi

Talking the torque.

GT5 update confirmed for Saturday

Yamauchi – online in a "critical state".

Sony limits GT5 to ease online gridlock

Best advice? Disconnect the internet.

Kaz not sure if GT6 will be on PS3

Plus: online matchmaking update confirmed.

VideoGran Turismo 5 launch trailer

Out today, apparently.

Free PS3/GT5 with Bravia 3D tellies

Plus: UK-wide GT5 competition underway.

GT5 classical soundtrack dated

Not a Lang Lang way away.

Gran Turismo 5

Oh my God, it's full of cars.

Video15 Minutes of Gran Turismo 5

New cars, game modes and effects.

GT5: GAME/Gamestation open tonight

November's third midnight launch.

VideoGT5: The Top Gear test track

Polyphony's take on Stig's stomping ground.

Over 50 3D PS3 games coming – Sony

Platform holder doing 20 in-house.

VideoGran Turismo 5's sumptuous intro

Production values second to none.

Sony: The world still loves Gran Turismo

GT5 "takes your breath away".

GT5: Day one update unlocks online

UPDATE: Unlocked features revealed.

Gran Turismo 5: Where's cheapest?

ShopTo at the moment.

VideoGT5 Collector’s Edition unboxed

Diecast car! Car guide! Car DLC!

Digital FoundryGran Turismo 5: Install vs. No Install

How the optional install speeds up game loading.

Digital FoundryGT5: Installation time-lapse video

Install time measurements on a 60GB launch PS3.

Digital FoundryGran Turismo 5: Installation Analysis

How it works and why it should be better.

Digital FoundryMaking Tracks with GT5

A video overview of Polyphony's new course-maker.

Digital FoundryMaking Tracks in Gran Turismo 5

Analysis of the Course Maker.

GT5 installs while played - Sony

If you say no to 6.4GB one-off.

VideoGran Turismo 5: Academy announced

Play online to win a pro team place.

Play GT5, become a pro racer

Comp offers chance to become real driver.

VideoGT5 release announcement trailer

Sony teases its virtual garage.

GT5: A list of 1031 cars

Which one will you drive?

OFFICIAL: Gran Turismo 5 dated

Christmas is back on.

GT5 date announcement imminent

Let's go round again.

Gran Turismo 5 trophy list leaks

Plus, footage suggests game is finished.

GT5 out on 30th November?

Official Sony site reckons so.

We've started Gran Turismo 6 - Yamauchi

Will probably take five and a half years.

"Not much hope" for GT5 in 2010 - source

But Sony sticks to "before Christmas".

High-res screens of GT5's X1 Prototype

Sebastien Vettel and the car (still imaginary).

VideoSony releases new GT5 trailer

While you're waiting...

GT5 delay due to PS3 hack?

Leak: Sony lost manufacturing slot.

GT5 delayed to "iron out kinks"

Yamauchi: "It's inexcusable..."

GT5 still set for "astronomical sales"

But could lose momentum if out after NFS.

Gran Turismo 5 delayed again

In Europe "before Christmas", says Sony.

FeatureEurogamer Expo 2010 Top 10

Including your game of the show.

VideoDesigning tracks in GT5

Car for the course.

Sony bundling PS3 and GT5 together

285 quid for 320GB model and GT5 CE.

New cars, tracks unveiled for GT5

Drive a VW van round Laguna Seca.

Sony: 3D is not a fad

Bigs up tech at Edinburgh Festival.

Yamauchi responds to GT5 controversy

Removing flags possible, but "regrettable".

VideoGT 5 Karting footage

Watch out for banana peels.

VideoGT 5 gamescom trailer

It's the pits.

Italian city upset with Gran Turismo 5

Includes some pictures of flags or something.

Yamauchi mentions Gran Turismo 6

Kart racing was meant to be in it.

FeatureGran Turismo 5

The drive of your entire life.

Gran Turismo 5 dated for Europe

Just one day after North America.

GT5 Signature Edition costs €180

Toy car! Leather wallet! USB key!

Sony: 3D gives you "competitive edge"

"You can process information more quickly."

Get your name in GT5 credits

Are your song titles as good as ours?

VideoTwo new trailers for Gran Turismo 5

Just in case you thought it wasn't ready.

GT5 Ultimate Edition costs €190 - Amazon

You've had plenty of time to save.

Yoshida: "Almost all" devs exploring 3D

Plus: GT5 has go-karts, track editor.

Yamauchi: GT5 3D finished for two years

Move now the sole reason for delays?

VideoGran Turismo 5 gameplay footage

B-roll footage of the hibernating racer in action.

VideoThe crashes of Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo's shiny vehicles finally pick up some dents.

Gran Turismo 5

Slow and steady.

Gran Turismo 5

Date set for November 2nd in US

Sony announces 3D line-up

MotorStorm, GT5, Sly, KZ3, more.

Gran Turismo 5 out in November

Much-delayed racer nearing launch.

VideoGran Turismo 5 E3 trailer

Is it still 90 per cent complete?

VideoKazunori Yamauchi in the Nurburgring 24h Race

Gran Turismo creator races for real.

Sony: "Games will lead the way" for 3D

Andrew House on 3D, Other OS, GT5, PSN.

Gran Turismo 5 to have 3D, Move support?

Report reckons that's the reason for delay.

GT5 gets three Nürburgring courses

Grand Prix, Nordschleife and 24 Hours.

VideoBernd Schneider loves a bit of GT 5

We'd never heard of him either.

Sony denies confirming 3D for GT5

Qore made "erroneous inference".

Gran Turismo 5 "this fall" - Sony Europe

Timing TBD, but "before Christmas".

Microsoft man has dig at GT5 delay

"Forza continues to define racing."

Yamauchi: GT5 not using all PS3's power

And Polyphony boss dreads release.

Sony Europe comments on GT5 delay

"Only applicable for Japanese market."

Gran Turismo 5 delayed again

No longer March in Japan.

GT5 demo downloaded a million times

Time Trial popular in Europe.

Digital FoundryGT5 Time Trial 720p/1080p analysis

Digital Foundry takes it for a spin.

VideoGran Turismo 5 demo gameplay

We take it for an HD spin.

Gran Turismo 5

Polyphony's latest shines.

Gran Turismo 5 for summer 2010?

Still a while to wait, says Sony.

Greenberg reckons Reach will lap GT5

Xbox exec gets a bit fighty.

Gran Turismo 5 demo dated

Arrives with GT Academy in December.

Motorbikes in GT5 "a possibility"

Plus: Yamauchi drops more editor hints.

Yamauchi: GT5 cost $60m to make

GTAIV, Too Human, Shenmue still pricier.

Sony quiet on Gran Turismo 5 track editor

Non-denial denial from platform holder.

Gran Turismo 5 to come on three discs?

Mock-up packaging hints at bulky bundle.

Yamauchi: GT5 is "basically complete"

But he's still tweaking.

Yamauchi hints at European GT5 date

It's likely to be similar to the Japanese one.

Gran Turismo 5

Nissan shiny, those cars.

Gran Turismo 5 dated for Japan

Out in March 2010.

PS3 250GB bundles priced, detailed

ACII! Uncharted 2! GT5! £299.99.

GT5 has 1000 vehicles, out in Q4 2009

Website updates and brochures stack up.

Turn 10: Polyphony checked out Forza

GT devs dropped in to take notes at E3.

E3: Yamauchi: We could release GT5 now

Must be perfect. PSP connectivity possible.

FeatureComing Attractions: Shooters & Racing

What's gunning down the straight in 2009.

Gran Turismo for Christmas 2009?

Sony Europe chap thinks so.

Gran Turismo 5, PSP "moving forward"

So says Yamauchi himself.

Gran Turismo series ships 50m

That's a lot of driving in circles.

Gran Turismo could come to PC

So says Kazunori Yamauchi.

FeatureGran Turismo's Kazunori Yamauchi

On damage, online and perfectionism.

Gran Turismo to feature vehicle deformation

"Very, very soon", says Yamauchi.

GT5 will connect global community

Yamauchi talks PS3 advancements.

GT5 signs deal with Top Gear

Watch episodes, use test track.

Gran Turismo 5 next July

In Japan. Euro plans scarce.

GT5 Prologue in October

In Japan, anyway.

E3: GT5 Prologue this year

Sony plates another taster.