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Off-screen video of Sony's Gran Turismo at 4K resolution demo

Powered by four PlayStation 3s.

At Sony Japan you can play a version of Gran Turismo (5, probably) running at 4K resolution powered by four PlayStation 3s.

This "Dramatic 4K Experience" is open to the public, and one member of said public dutifully videoed it in action (via GTPlanet).

Wrote NeoGAF user spats: "I attended the 'Dramatic 4K experience' at the Sony building yesterday and got to play the Gran Turismo 4K demo, too. I was left really impressed by the whole thing, but there were a few small technical things I noticed: mainly tearing and pop in.

"The screen tearing wasn't the same type you have in GT5, but it would tear both horizontally and vertically in the centre, basically creating seams that split the view into four smaller screens. It was pretty minor but it was there.

"Then I don't remember if the spectators actually popped in or out on Eiger Nordwand (I don't think they did) but in the 4K demo a fair amount of them disappeared when you drove close enough to them. There seemed to be be some new or custom UI too.

"It really was absolutely stunning ... some next level stuff."

"I'm giving off a negative impression," spats added, "but it really was absolutely stunning. The tunnel section in Eiger running at a 4K resolution and 60FPS was some next level stuff."

Sony's betting on 4K resolutions for the future. 4K refers to approximately 4000 pixels measured horizontally. The resolution seems to be 3840x2160, or 2160p. Sony sells an absolutely massive 84-inch 4K telly for an absolutely massive $24,999.99. Sony also sells video cameras and projectors that deal in 4K resolutions.

It seems entirely plausible, then, that a future console from Sony might go that route as well. Mind you, with most developers still shirking away from native 1080p in their games, there's a long way to go. You probably won't have to upgrade your telly just yet.

Do note that Sony has used Gran Turismo as a 4K tech demo before, in 2008 with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, as GTPlanet recalled.

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