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GT5 update ups maximum RPM of HSV-010 to 10300 rpm

Er, vroom?

Some two years after its initial release and Polyphony's Gran Turismo 5 is to receive another update - although it brings only the most minimal of improvements to the PlayStation 3 racer.

Update 2.09 fixes some disparities with the tyre and fuel depletion, and adds a new option that allows players to set how quickly each of those elements deplete. That's not all! There are also improvements to the scoring of the Drift Trials, while a handful of track-specific bugs have also been ironed out.

Polyphony's saved the best for last, though. The maximum rpm of the Honda HSV-010 has been changed to 10300 rpm, and its engine note has also been modified.

All super-exciting stuff, you'll likely agree. And as for Gran Turismo 6? Well, there are few clues to be found about that right now, although bits and pieces are slowly starting to come together. Back in September Polyphony was spotted mapping and photographing Silverstone, making it a likely candidate for inclusion in a future game.

Update 2.09 is floating around the PlayStation Network right now. Have at it.