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Eurogamer Expo 2010 Top 10

Including your game of the show.

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Every year at the Eurogamer Expo we invite you to tell us what you thought of the games you played, and without fail every year (so far anyway) you exhibit amazing taste in huge numbers. This year's Expo line-up was our strongest and most diverse yet, so we were excited to see what would follow in the footsteps of last year's winner, God of War III, or 2008's Mirror's Edge...

10. Fallout: New Vegas

Vegas, baby! One of several games on the floor that we had to throw our own staff off every day when the show opened, New Vegas takes a look at the other side of America to Fallout 3 and looks every bit the real deal - as you'd expect from a Fallout game developed by Obsidian Entertainment, some of whom worked on the really old ones.

9. Gran Turismo 5

Now this is happening. No no, seriously! It may have been in development since before Expos were invented, but Gran Turismo 5 had no trouble impressing many of the people who came to ours - probably aided somewhat by the lovely space-age pods and steering wheel setups we had on hand to demonstrate it. Many of you also got to try the game in 3D - probably at least as many as own 3D TVs in the entire world, in fact.

Update: Man, we knew you were tempting fate!

8. Bulletstorm

"If the idea of MadWorld with colossal guns, unfettered misogyny and constant sexual innuendo makes you want to roar like an excitable grizzly bear, there's plenty to look forward to here," Kristan Reed wrote about Bulletstorm just before E3 this year. We knew he was right about you. It's already been pimped to within an inch of its dignity by Cliff Bleszinski of People Can Fly cohorts Epic Games of course, and when Mr Bigger, Better And More Badass thinks an action game is worth considering, you should probably take notice - as you have.

7. Fable III

We stuck our necks out two years ago and handed Fable II top marks, and everything we see and hear about Fable III heightens our impatience for the sequel. Peter Molyneux's delightful keynote address at this year's Expo told us how the series came about and evolved over time, and saw the announcement of the cunning Kingmaker mobile phone application, but we won't be sated until we're contemplating that huge decision we're promised at the start, and the rest.

6. LittleBigPlanet 2

Yours truly had many solemn and important duties at this year's Eurogamer Expo (those jagerbombs weren't going to drink themselves), but perhaps none more so than escorting a friend's six-year-old daughter around the show floor. All she wanted to do was play LittleBigPlanet 2, so we dressed up some sackgirls and then helped one another through each of the playable levels. Then we got up to let someone else have a go and wandered off to find another game to play. "Do you want to try Fable III?" "No." "Do you want to try Dance Central?" "No." "What do you want to play?" "..." "You want to play LittleBigPlanet 2 again, don't you?" Vigorous nodding.