Bizarre Creations' last project revealed

Newly published alpha footage shows potential Blur sequel.

Former Bizarre dev: next gen can save the racing genre

New tech will add "another level of immersion and quality".

Hogrocket iOS debut set for 1st Sept

Ex-Bizarre team ready for "new chapter".

Bizarre Creations' last project revealed

Newly published alpha footage shows potential Blur sequel.

Former Bizarre dev: next gen can save the racing genre

New tech will add "another level of immersion and quality".

Hogrocket iOS debut set for 1st Sept

Ex-Bizarre team ready for "new chapter".

Blur was "like bacon with cornflakes"

Bizarre dev reveals why racer flopped.

"We forget the value of £40" – Sumo dev

"We're competing with sex with your gf."

Epic's Gamble discusses studio closures

Disney buying Black Rock "made no sense".

Hirshberg: Shrinking genre killed Bizarre

Not best for Acti's "competitive energies".

Bizarre staff recall Activision closure

"Everybody was absolutely gutted."

Video | EGTV Asks: What happened after Bizarre Creations?

Searching Liverpool for the ghosts of Gotham's past.

Ex-Bizarre devs form Lucid Games

Talking to publishers about projects.

Why Activision closed Bizarre

In ex-staffer Gareth Wilson's own words.

PGR and Blur lead joins Sumo

OutRun Online Arcade dev grows.

Video | Bizarre Creations' farewell

PGR, Geometry Wars, Blur dev closes.

Activision finalises Bizarre closure

No buyer found for Blur studio.

Potential buyers hover over Bizarre

Microsoft rumoured to be in chasing pack.

Huge XP boost for Gears 2 this weekend

Blur gets in on the act too.

Acti laments poor Blur, Singularity sales

Insists it marketed both appropriately.

BMW prize-carrot tied to Blur demo

Try the game, win a car. Please?

Activision: Blur was not a failure

And neither was DJ Hero.

UK charts: Red Dead rides high again

Blur and Alpha Protocol miss top 10 entries.

Video | Blur trailer

Bizarre's Blur let loose.

Digital Foundry | Blur: Xbox 360 Performance Analysis

Digital Foundry tools take on Bizarre's Blur.

Digital Foundry | Tech Interview: Blur

Tech wizards Steven Tovey and Charlie Birtwistle bring Bizarre's latest into focus.

Digital Foundry | Blur Performance Analysis

Four events scrutinised on 360 and PS3.

Digital Foundry | Blur Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off

Bizarre's latest gets the comparison treatment.

GAME denies rift with Activision

Won't just be fulfilling Blur pre-orders.

Video | Blur: Eurogamer score-attacks LA

Tom canes a late-game Destruction event.

Video | Blur: Eurogamer vs. Russian Hill

All the lights, loads of fans. Score.

Review | Blur

He thought of cars.

Video | Shooting up Brighton Promenade in Blur

Destruction mode gets a workout.

Video | Blur: Racing through LA's storm drains

Going a bit Terminator in a Challenger.

Blur has integral Facebook support

Challenge friends, share in-game shots.

Video | Blur's advanced tactics

Think in three dimensions: forward, backward and sideways.sideways

Video | Under the hood of Blur's multiplayer

What makes Bizarre Creations' racer tick.


Becoming clearer.


Now you see it.

Kotick: Majority of Acti titles in autumn

Cautions investors despite Q1 bump.

Blur multiplayer demo live for all

Had its head checked by a jumbo jet.

Blur beta access for all this week

And why it's only on Xbox 360.

Bizarre issues Blur MP beta patch

Fixes multitude of connectivity issues.

Video | The EGTV Show: Blur

We visit Bizarre Creations in Liverpool to put Blur through its paces.

Blur DLC a "massive" part of strategy

Bizarre racer to emulate Burnout?


Street fighter, too?

Blur on track for 28th May launch

"Single-player never ends," claims Bizarre.

Blur beta starts next week

Keys given away in website promotions.

Blur to feature full Twitter integration

Beta testers will get to try it out first.

Blur multiplayer demo for March

PGR developer's new racer nearly done.

USK mentions Blur multiplayer demo

No word on release date for 360 sampler.

Bizarre's Blur skids to 2010

Multiplayer needs more time.


Bizarre's next racer in focus.

Bizarre: Blur is about "s*** blowing up"

People go "cross-eyed" at feature list.

Bizarre's Blur purrs on November grid

PGR's wild child approaches.

E3: Blur

Bizarre's back.

Feature | Bizarre Creations' Gareth Wilson

On building Blur's new IP in two years.


Power-up to the people.

Blur and Tony Hawk heading to E3

Activision makes it official.