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Bizarre Creations' last project revealed

Newly published alpha footage shows potential Blur sequel.

A newly published video from an artist formerly employed by Bizarre Creations reveals what a sequel to the action-oriented racing could have looked like.

Chris Davie, a Bizarre employee from 2001 to 2011 who worked as the art director on Blur, has recently shown off early footage from an undisclosed game in development at the now shuttered UK studio that looks very much like a sequel.

One video repurposes the Brighton track from the 2010 game, while another shows a new track running through Dubai that highlights a new engine that was in development at Bizarre Creations.

Sadly the game was never to be: Bizarre Creations was shut down early in 2011, and Blur was never the success that the studio and publisher Activision had desired.

Blur's designer Gareth Wilson said the mix of real-life cars with weapons was like 'bacon with cornflakes', an unpalatable mix that meant the game was off-putting to many players.

Chris Davie is now working at Lucid Games, an outfit formed from many former Bizarre employees.