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LucasArts' new game Lucidity revealed

Puzzle platformer for XBLA this month.

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The latest episode of Gametrailers TV has lifted the lid on a new, original game from LucasArts' internal studios called Lucidity. The game will be released on Xbox Live Arcade "later this month".

A PC version of Lucidity has previously been rumoured, but no mention was made of it in the Gametrailers show.

Lucidity is a 2D, side-scrolling "puzzle platform game" with in which the heroine, a young girl called Sophie, moves of her own accord and the player places pieces in front of her to create safe passage through an abstract dream-world. It will have 30 levels in its main story, and 15 unlockable bonus levels.

"We're super-inspired by games like Braid, or any of the games that are coming out there in the indie scene," said project lead David Nottingham. The art style was influenced by the cut-paper look of children's pop-up books and classical hand-drawn feature animation, he said.

Also in the Gametrailers special, LucasArts president Darrell Rodriguez revealed that the company was working on "a number of" internal Star Wars projects. He also hinted that the company had been talking to some of the creators of its golden-age adventures games - such as Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer - about new projects.

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