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iPhone Beneath a Steel Sky is close

About a month away, says report.

The remastered iPhone version of Beneath a Steel Sky may only be a month away.

So writes website OnSoftware in a preview of a recent build, narrowing the autumn date we clung to back in July.

That's when we wrote our detailed preview of Beneath a Steel Sky - Remastered, after being given a guided tour of the game by none other than Charles Cecil, creator of the seminal 1994 original.

He and returning developer Revolution Software are putting considerable effort into this resurrection, which will include fully animated cut-scenes painted by renowned comic-book artist Dave Gibbons, of Watchmen legend. There's a hint system, too, and OnSoftware reckons Revolution has "nailed" the touch-screen controls.

"With BASS we're going to be selling it quite cheaply on iPhone, we've completely redone the intro, we've improved the quality of the speech, we've tweaked some of the puzzles... there is quite a lot of new stuff but it's not fundamentally a new experience," Cecil told GamesIndusty.biz in an interview published today.

"What we're aiming to do is build a relationship of respect - we already have it with our audience, and we communicate with them directly on forums... I'm incredibly proud that we have so many dedicated fans who feel passionately about what we've done."

And all that for the paltry sum of two or three quid. No wonder we spent three pages talking about it.

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