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More free Batman DLC tomorrow

Update: Appears to be on Live today.

Eidos has announced plans to release another free downloadable map pack for Batman: Arkham Asylum on 24th September.

The Prey in the Darkness add-on will be available for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live and features two new Challenge mode maps.

(Update: One of our Twitter friends points out it's live now on Xbox. Almost as amusing as my originally believing the 24th was next week - yes, I don't know what day it is.)

The first of these is a combat one, Heart of Darkness, in which you get to battle it out with enemies in the Arkham Pumping Station from deep in the campaign.

Then there's the Hothouse Prey map, which is of the Invisible Predator variety, where you take people out in the Abandoned Glasshouse section of the Botanical Gardens.

Prey in the Darkness is the second such map pack for Arkham Asylum, following on from the Insane Night pack released last week.

The full game, you may remember, is rather good, and you can read our review to find out why. Yours truly ended up playing it for 20 hours in two days, although frankly I need to be committed anyway.

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