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Lost in Shadow dated, detailed

Konami/Hudson's Wii platformer.

Hudson has released the first details for exclusive Wii platformer Lost in Shadow, which caused ripples after a video was shown during the Konami press conference at gamescom.

Here next year, Lost in Shadow (or Tower of Shadow) follows a boy as he climbs a strange tower, solving mysteries, puzzles and overcoming enemies on his platforming journey.

But he's a shadow, and at the mercy of whichever direction the light beams. Luckily, he has a sylph companion that can alter the direction of those light sources in the foreground, revealing new paths and solutions to problems.

Presented in a hazy golden light, Lost in Shadow calls ICO to mind, which is no small feat. We've gathered some pictures for you too look at in our Lost in Shadow gallery.

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Lost in Shadow

Nintendo Wii

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