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Okamiden set months after Okami

New details of DS game emerge.

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The full name for Okami DS will be Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyou, and the game takes place a few months after the PS2 original.

That's according to fuller translations of the Famitsu article that outed the game yesterday.

Okamiden introduces a new wolf, Chibiterasu, to the story, who will be ridden by the inch-high painter Issun from the first game. The pair must find wood sprite Sakuya and ask for help, says Siliconera.

There's no mention of Amaterasu, but key Okami figure Susano has had a son called Kuninushi whom you'll meet.

Okamiden is around 25 per cent done. Apparently the DS stylus will control paintbrush strokes, which were the base of the powers in Okami.

Attorney producer Motohide Eshiro and Okami Wii director Kunionmi Matshuhita will head the project, as original developer Clover Studios (now Platinum Games) is no more.

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