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BioShock 1 due for Mac next month

Rand about time.

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British Mac conversion specialist Feral Interactive has announced that it will release 2K Games' BioShock for Macs on 7th October.

The game requires a 1.8GHz Intel Mac with at least 1.5GB RAM, a 128MB graphics card, DVD drive and 8GB of hard disk space, running OSX 10.5.8 or later. Apparently it doesn't like Intel GMA integrated graphics chips, but does run on the latest MacBooks and Mac Minis.

You can pre-order the game from Feral's online shop for £34.99 / €39.95 if you like.

Does anyone need introducing to BioShock? Released just over two years ago, it's a first-person shooter in which the player explores a dystopian underwater city ruined by infighting and too much Ayn Rand.

It's also one of our favourite games of this generation, and you can read our BioShock review to remind yourself why.

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