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Bookworm and Bejeweled for DSiWare

PopCap's puzzle-brain refocuses.

Puzzle mastermind PopCap has turned its attention to DSiWare, where we'll see Bookworm added later this month and Bejeweled Twist in mid-October.

What's more, enhanced cartridge versions of both will be offered in shops early next year.

Bookworm - which we've told you time and time again is brilliant - spreads in basic form to DSiWare, but gains multiplayer and extra Collectible Books on cartridge.

Bejeweled Twist has classic and multiplayer modes on DSiWare, but the cartridge will pack three extra game modes. Twist, released on PC last autumn, spins the classic gem-swapping formula in new ways, although not quite to the same acclaim. Ellie's review picked it apart.