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Metroid Prime series not finished?

Producer considering multiplayer.

Metroid Prime veteran producer Kensuke Tanabe has hinted that the series may live on, despite the story coming to a close in Metroid Prime Corruption.

Talking to Kotaku, Tanabe toyed with ideas for future iterations

"As all I take part in is the Prime series, I am not capable of commenting on the whole Metroid series. But we will keep considering multiplayer for the Prime series," said Tanabe.

"For instance, I think I can come up with some unique ideas using the Morph Ball, which is a specific skill of Samus."

It's tenuous, but then a scenario where Nintendo keeps a successful fire burning isn't hard to imagine. "We all love Mario," as Reggie Fils-Aime told us at E3 this year.

The Metroid Prime Trilogy - released earlier this month - bundled all three games of the series on Wii, lending the two GameCube instalments nifty motion-sensing controls.

Head over to our Metroid Prime Trilogy review for the verdict.

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