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Square Enix, PopCap unveil Gyromancer

Puzzle Quest-alike for PC and XBLA.

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Square Enix and PopCap are working together on a new puzzle-RPG called Gyromancer for PC (Steam) and Xbox Live Arcade.

There's no release date, but the goal seems to be to make something like Puzzle Quest (D3P/Infinite Interactive).

And why not? Square Enix knows a thing or two about RPGs and PopCap has perfected the puzzle. Plus, Puzzle Quest was brilliant.

So, with the gem-swapping Bejeweled Twist underpinning the adventure, the story of magician Rivel, who is following Qraist but being watched by Everett, unfolds. They're all heading to an enchanted forest for different reasons - some to find lost memories, others to control the powerful wood itself.

There are 10 game stages, and beasts, items and coins to collect. Leaderboards are there too, to compare your performance with that of your friends.

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