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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Play UT3 Black for free this weekend

Then buy it for 60 per cent less than usual.

Epic is letting everyone play Unreal Tournament 3 for free this weekend, to mark ten years since the original UT demo was released.

You can download UT3 Black via Steam. The Black bundle includes the game, the free Titan pack, a bonus pack with new enhancements and environments, the Titan mutator, the Greed and Betrayal gametypes, the Stealthbender vehicle plus weapons, deployables, characters and more.

Buy the regular UT3 in the shops and you'll get a key so you can update via Steam and get all the Black goodies for free.

Or just buy the lot online - there's 60 per cent off Unreal Tournament 3 Black until 27th September, and the same discount is available on the Unreal Deal Pack. To top it all off, the original Unreal Tournament will be priced at just $1.99.