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Japan chart: PS3 sales plummet

Dating sim boosts Xbox 360 results.

Japanese PS3 sales have plummeted ahead of the PS3 Slim launch across the region, although its first-weekend sales won't be counted and made public until next Friday.

Photos from the Japanese PS3 Slim launch can be found on Kotaku. One mysterious man appears to have been snapped by a variety of sites at a variety of locations. Who is he?

Back to sales, and fatty PS3 sold only 1040 units for the week ending 30th August, says Media Create data. That compares poorly with Xbox 360, which rose like a sun to sell 7254 units.

Nevertheless, both are a drop in the sea of Japanese Nintendo DS sales, which - combining both DSi and DS Lite - shifted 67,185 units.

A mile behind sit PSP and Wii on almost identical numbers, which are 26,081 and 25,038, respectively. PS2 brings up the rear with 3179 sales.

Tomodachi Collection takes the software top spot from Dragon Quest IX with a winning score of 80,000 sales. Wii Sports Resort follows at three.

Newcomer Dream Club helps the Xbox 360 cause at four. It's a dating simulator where nubile hostesses need seducing; we've got a video, if you're curious. Dream Club is tailed by Monster Hunter Tri at five and fellow debutant Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny (PSP) at six.

There's little else to write home about.

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