Wii Sports Resort


UK Top 40: LA Noire steals second week

DiRT 3 roars into second place.

Wii price cut, budget games confirmed

£130/$150 console, £20/$20 titles.

Iwata: Think our sales "already peaked"?

Nintendo CEO says Wii "never" lost momentum.

Wii Remote Plus gets Japan date

Available in five different colours.

Resort, Fit Plus, NSMB sell 10m each

Iwata's prophecy is fulfilled.

Wii Sports Resort nearing 7m sold

While Wii Sports has done over 50m.

UK Wii bundle instead of price cut

Wii Sports, WSR, WMP and console.

Wii Sports Resort sells 1m in Europe

Europe, US, Japan all platinum.

Wii Sports Resort sells a million in Japan

It's only been out there for two months.

UK charts: Wii Sports Resort on top

Wolfenstein resurrection out-ranked.

Nintendo wins otherwise-slow July NPDs

WSR and NCAA top sales, Wii sells 508k.

Resort, Fit Plus, NSMB will sell 10m each

Iwata puts his mouth where his money is.

Euro Wii Sports Resort sales hit 600k

WMP flag-waver doing the business.

Wii Sports Resort sells half a million

US copies disappearing every second.

UK chart: Wii Sports Resort holds lead

As Monster Hunter drops out of sight.

Wii Sports Resort is top of the pops

Potter falls off his stick.

Nintendo turns shops into WSR islands

For game launch this Friday.

Feature | Wii Sports Resort vs. Wii MotionPlus

You wanted to know exactly how it works...

Review | Wii Sports Resort

It takes all sports.

Wii Sports 2 was Japan's June best-seller

Even though it was only released on 25th.

Wii Sports Resort island is a character

Miyamoto wants to license, franchise it.

Wii Sports Resort

Wish you were here?

Miyamoto: We've got 5 years' experience

Says he's not bothered by Natal etc.

E3: More Wii Sports Resort shown

Reggie slam-dunks on stage.

Wii Sports Resort has table tennis, golf

Japanese TV ad reveals two more sports.

Nintendo: "no plans" to retrofit MotionPlus

Freedom restricted to new Wii games.

Wii MotionPlus and Sports Resort dated

Plus, Virtua Tennis support confirmed.

Nintendo dates Wii Sports Resort

For Japan and the West.

July MotionPlus date is "speculation"

Says Nintendo. Retail leak disagrees.

GDC: Wii MotionPlus still set for spring

Better than it was at E3, says Fils-Aime.

Nintendo Power hints at June MotionPlus

Supported by UK publisher chatter.

Feature | Coming Attractions: Sports & Music

The games pitching for perfection in 2009.

MotionPlus tech not exclusive to Nintendo

Maker says there's "more interest out there".

Nintendo denies ignoring core gamers

But Iwata is sorry about E3 briefing.

"We're making Pikmin" - Miyamoto

Sounds like a sequel is on the way.

Wii Sports Resort

MotionPlus gets an A+.

Wii Sports Resort

Frisbee this a way, frisbee that a way.

Nintendo shows Wii Sports sequel

Resort is "literally a day at the beach".