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Miyamoto: We've got 5 years' experience

Says he's not bothered by Natal etc.

Shigeru Miyamoto has responded to the announcements of Microsoft's Project Natal and Sony's motion controller by saying that new control schemes only work if you make compelling games with them.

"The interesting thing about [these announcements] is it takes a great deal of experience to be able to create full gameplay experiences that take advantage of motion control," he told the BBC.

"We've been experimenting with motion control for over five years now, and based on the announcements we've seen here at E3, it seems like the other two companies have really only been experimenting with this only very recently."

Miyamoto isn't worried, apparently, and believes that both announcements show that, "number one, they've looked at what we've done with Wii, and seen the value in that, and now they're moving in the same direction that we have already established."

Miyamoto's comments continue the fine E3 tradition of executives passively slagging off the competition. For example, Microsoft's John Schappert told Eurogamer last week that having to hold a controller is "a big barrier to being able to get people to enjoy interactive experiences".

Nintendo, however, can argue that Wii MotionPlus is out this Friday, with Wii Sports Resort following next month, which is rather more tangible than the tech demos shown off at E3 by its competitors.