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"We're making Pikmin" - Miyamoto

Sounds like a sequel is on the way.

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Good news for fans of GameCube classic Pikmin - a sequel is on the way, according to none other than Shigeru Miyamoto.

He was speaking during an invite-only developer roundtable at E3, where he was asked about Nintendo's attititude to core gaming, and whether there were plans for a new Pikmin game in the future.

"I'm actually on the same floor as all of my staff, and I sit at the same type of desk as all of them. Because of all the commication involved I try and sit as close as possible," Miyamoto replied. "Among those staff, there's staff from the Pikmin team, staff from the Zelda team, and they're all enjoying creating new games. "

He went on to question the definition of "core", suggesting, "It could apply to games with better graphics, or games that have more involved story or other elements. If we forget about those elements too, that will detract from our work.

"So we continue with investigating all types of games. When it's time to announce such a title, I'll announce it - so look forward to it."

And just when the audience thought that was it, Miyamoto added, "We're making Pikmin."

He didn't reveal when it'll be out, unamazingly.

Meanwhile, bad news for Wave Race fans - according to Wii Sports Resort producer Katsuya Eguchi there are no plans to produce another game in the series. However, he confirmed that the producer of the original Wave Race and members of the development team are working on Wii Sports Resort, and suggested the jetski mini-game in it will be just as good.

In fact, Eguchi added, "I am confident it will exceed Wave Race in depth, and players will get sufficient enjoyment from it."

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